Degree Project                                                  
Woodbury University, School of Architecture                                                                                          Instructor: Berenika Boberska                                                                                                                          Spring 2021                                                                                                                                      Software: Rhino, ArcGIS, and Photogrammetry
Degree Project, the end of the education that has been received at Woodbury University. Through a year-long investigation and design, all abilities and skills learned have been applied. with a focus on climate change. With the particular instructors overseeing this, the climate crisis was investigated. Investigating and theorizing how the landscapes and cities are altered to create new and extremes. It is important to note that the climate crisis affects all aspects of society however not everyone is as fortunate in their ability to survive and adapt to it. A new architectural tectonic was explored and gives possibilities to how we might adapt. 
The Investigation                                                  
The begins and research 
Living on Fire
An investigation into how structure may live with fire
Domestic Fuel ​​​​​​​
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