Design Studio 4A                                                  
Woodbury University, School of Architecture                                                                                          Instructor: Eric Olsen                                                                                                                                Spring 2019                                                                                                                                      Software: Revit
The fire station typology is ideally suited for a comprehensive studio in that it is relatively fixed programmatically and is somewhat ancillary to the everyday public realm. Rather than fixating on provocative programmatic juxtapositions or transformative sociopolitical arenas, the architectural design effort can be directed more toward spatial, material,
environmental, and tectonic innovations. This is especially important in the comprehensive studio, where our goal is to simulate architectural practice and to zoom in as closely as possible to the real systems and assemblies that make up a building, all while maintaining fundamental conceptual clarity.

Fire Station 23
Los Angeles, CA
This Fire Station would be equipped to respond to unique emergencies of the site due to its proximity to the entrance to the Santa Monica mountains and beach. The facility includes traditional functions that support the everyday life of the inhibitions of the fire station such as dormitory and administration along with unique functions to the site such as a wilderness welcome center and a training tower. The site of the fire station is the gateway and entrance to a frequently used hiking trail, Los Liones trail-head that is connected to both Topanga State Park and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area making the wilderness welcome center essential to the fire station.
Wall Section Details
1. Exterior Insulation
2. Air Infilitration Barrier
3. 3/4" Plywood
4. Fastener
5. GFRC Panel
6. Cast in Clip
7. Metal Stud
8. Vapor Retarder
9. 1/2" Gypsum Wall Board
10. Curtain Wall Glass
11. Curtain Wall Mullion
12. Waterproofing Membrane
13. 5" Rigid Insulation
14. Lightweight Concrete
15. Metal Deck
16. Interior Frame
17. Flashing
18. W 12"x24" Steel Beam
19. W 12"x18" Steel Beam
20. Cast-In-Place Concrete
21. Gravel Layer
22. Vapor Barrier
23. Rebar
24. Concrete Foundation
25. Ground
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