Design Studio 1A                                                  
Woodbury University, School of Architecture                                                                                          Instructor: Paulette Singley                                                                                                                          Fall 2018                                                                                                                                          Software: Rhino
In this studio, we explored the relationship between planar and curvilinear surfaces and how they work together to create a new coherent model and to learn fundamental techniques of geometric control towards the production of architectural form
First Phase 

The first phase was the exploration of rectilinear and curvilinear surfaces. The grey models explored planar surfaces to create a distribution of voids while the white models used conical shapes to create different distributions of space and void.
Combination Model​​​​​​​
In this phase one grey model and one white model were used to create a new model that produced new and different distributions of void and space.

Moon Viewing Space

The final phase of the project was to develop a moon-viewing space from the combination model in the previous phase. The large voids are used for moon viewing. It is also painted dark blue to make the occupant feel as though the night sky is surrounding them
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