Massilia Type Poster
2022 Typography Project
Creating a poster to celebrate a type face was an impactful learning experience as I came away from the project with a greater understanding of typography design as well as composition and hierarchy. My poster features the variable typeface 'Massilia', created by Blaze Type Foundry.
After doing research on the typeface, I concluded that it was inspired by two sources-the work of designer Roger Excoffon and the French city of Marseilles, Excoffon's hometown. Knowing this, I came up with three possible directions to take my poster. 
After creating some initial sketches and digitizing three favorites, I decided to continue with the diagonal version. Putting the text at an angle was the most dynamic and eye-catching, plus it included the overlapping shapes from my other options. After displaying the diagonal version for critique, I realized that my poster wasn't standing out amongst the rest and I had made a mistake in not including any contrasting elements or colors. I bumped up the contrast by adding a black background and the poster was well on it's way to its final version.

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